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Aout 40 more books to add.


BOOK OF THE MEDIEVAL KNIGHT, Turnbull, Stephen R, KNIGHTS, HISTORY, Europe, 1200-1500, Crown Publishers Inc., 1985

KNIGHT IN HISTORY, Gies, Frances, KNIGHTS, HISTORY, Europe, 9th-18th, Harper & Row, 1971

FRENCH CHIVALRY, Painter, Sidney, KNIGHTS, HISTORY, Europe, FRANCE, 10TH-16TH, John Hopkins Press, 1984 

KNIGHTS OF THE CRUSADES, Horizon Magazine, KNIGHTS, HISTORY, Europe, 1000-1500, Meredith Press, 1962

REIGN OF CHIVALRY, Barber, Richard, KNIGHTS, HISTORY, Europe, 9TH-17TH, St Martin's Press, NY, 1980

KNIGHTS AND THE AGE OF CHIVALRY, Rudorff, Raymond, KNIGHTS, HISTORY, Europe, 1100-1500, Viking Press, 1974

TREASURES OF IRISH ART, Cone, Polly ed, KNIGHTS, HISTORY, British Isles, IRELAND, BC-1500, Alfred A Knopf, 1977