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Several publications to be added

LIMNER'S ROLL , AmbBrorake, HERALDRY, SCA,  ,  , ASXX, Drachengau Press, 1985

CA#22 HERALDRY, Arval Beniccoeur & M. Broker, HERALDRY, SCA,  ,  ,  , SCA, 1985

CA#23 ARMS AND ARMOUR III, Borak Baran, HERALDRY, SCA, Europe,  , 400-750, SCA, 1986

ROLL OF ARMS OF THE KINGDOM OF CAID, Mistholme, Bruce Draconarius, HERALDRY, SCA, SCA,  , AS V-AS XX,  ,  

PLEASURE BOOK 1st EDITION,  , SCA, SCA,  ,  ,  , Raymond,s Quiet Press, 1977

PLEASURE BOOK 2nd EDITION,  , SCA, SCA,  ,  ,  , Raymond's Quiet Press, 1979


Tournements Illumenated Vols I to Present


Complete Anachronism Issue 1 to Present